What We Do

The Moon and Sixpence Puppet Theatre is a marionette (string puppet) theatre. This kind of puppetry is more complex than glove or rod puppets and, because the puppeteers operate behind and above the marionettes, it requires a much bigger fit-up (staging).

Unusually for marionette theatres, Moon and Sixpence productions are performed live – allowing for some personalisation and improvisation within the performances.

Because of the complexity of marionette productions, they tend not to tour. The Moon and Sixpence Puppet Theatre was originally devised as a travelling company and continues that tradition today. If you have an audience, we have a show!

Primary Schools Performances

Looking for a way to treat your students to some fun, laughs and great entertainment? Why not have a look at the type of entertainment we can bring to your Primary School!

Libraries & Festivals

Photograph of the audience at the Wesport Festival enjoying the Moon & Sixpence Puppet Theatre

Ireland has seen an surge in the number and type of festivals celebrating an ever-growing number of aspects of Irish life. Audiences have come to expect more – and better – family entertainment at each event. This is where Ireland’s only travelling marionette theatre comes in!

Corporate & Events

Businesses, sports organisations and community groups often find themselves having to provide entertainment as a central part of, or an aside to, an event they are hosting, and that’s where we come in!